Wedding Cinematography

Bali is the one most stunning place for wedding.

So what makes our work so different ?

We see what so many don't our two experienced cameramen are able to pre-empt reactions, recording candid scenes in a natural and unobtrusive way. We use good television production techniques to create wedding films that flow and people just love to watch and share with their friends and family.

Where do we work?

Well anywhere really in Asia or other abroad, Our offices are located in Bali, Indonesia and Tokyo, Japan. Those two places are "Local" for us.

You & your wedding party

Everyone will enjoy and feel at ease with our relaxed unobtrusive professional approach, but we work with passion & vision on every wedding to create a video that you will truly love.


Shooting the day is only part of the process, our editor blends the scenes cutting and combining, grading and filtering every single shot to a superb soundtrack including your own choice of music to make a unique film which is entertaining to watch, artistic in style and very contemporary.

Our passion

Is driven by the love of our craft and the depth of our experience working with many wedding clients as well as our broadcast clients that have included the BBC, Channel 4, ITV Productions, Discovery & many many more independent production companies.

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Wedding Cinematography in Bali